Confused about free tier/$5 discount


we are getting the following in the free tier:

  • Up to 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs
  • 3GB persistent volume storage (total)
  • 160GB outbound data transfer

Also, bills under $5 get 100% discount.

My question is;
do we get everything in the free tier + up to $5 every month or is there some other way this is calculated?

For example, we get 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs for free, will I get two more, each one is $1.94/mo ($3.88 for two of them/mo) for free?

In my experience, it’s free.

For what I understood, you have the first 3 256mo/1cpu VM for free.
Then, everything is charged. If it costs less than $5, you fall into the discount.

So for example, your upgrade 1VM to 512mo, you’ll only have to pay for this upgrade.

I guess it’s the same for your example.

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