Does the unused ammount roll over?

Let’s say I get the monthly $5, is this credit that will roll over to the next month if unused? Or does it start from $5 each month?

hi @ezbaze

When you say “the monthly $5”, do you mean the $5 credit you received when you signed up?

You only get one $5 free trial credit when you sign up. But that credit doesn’t expire at the end of the month. Your usage beyond the free allowances will consume that credit. When it’s all used up, you’ll be on the $5/mo Hobby plan. You’ll get emails from us when the credit is almost used up and again when it’s all used up.

Hi @andie

I meant the $5/mo Hobby plan, lets say I get it, month 1 I’ll have $5 and I use up $4, will I have $6 dolars on month 2 or $5 :slight_smile:

oops sorry about that! There is no rollover of usage. The plan is $5 a month and each month you get up to $5 in usage included.

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