Confused about trial credits and free allowances

Hi I signed up a while back to run actual budget with the understanding that it would be under the free allowances even with the new pricing plans. However i received an email that I’d used 75% of my trial credits and would move to a hobby plan when I used 100%. As far as I can tell my app is within the free allowances, so a bit confused.


Hi @Barrist, organisations on the trial don’t get any free allowances in our new billing system. This is actually what we intended originally, but we weren’t able to do it in our old billing system. The idea of the trial is to give people a chance to try without paying, but not to have a perpetual free allowance.

It sounds like you might’ve been migrated from the old system to the new one recently, in which case your trial credits will be consumed by any usage you accrue. As the email mentioned, you’ll be moved to the Hobby plan when all your credit is consumed. The Hobby plan is $5/month, so you may prefer to delete this organisation and create a new one, which will be placed on the Pay As You Go plan by default. The PAYG plan has no recurring cost, you pay only for usage.

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