Do you use Fly on Windows 10?

Do you use Fly on Windows 10? We’ve been working on improving the installation and update cycle there and we’d like to hear from you on your experience with it. So drop us a reply and let’s talk.

I’m also super curious if people use Windows 10 with or without WSL?

I use win 10

I use Win 10 without WSL.

How do you find the current install process?

With or without WSL?

I don’t use WSL, just regular old docker to keep things like my production environment.

Install is super easy for me because I just copy commands into powershell. However the update process could be improved.

If I could get a link to the command when I see this:

?[33mUpdate available 0.0.143 -> 0.0.144?[0m
?[33mUpdate with flyctl.exe version update

I think that would be helpful.

A link to the installer? or just “flyctl.exe version update” marked up as a link?

Either or would work for me. I didn’t know you could mark up something as a link in the terminal like that. Something to copy and paste would be nice.

I am using fly both on Win 10 and WSL and the installation process is very fast and straightforward. The UX is the same. Very good job!

I have been using scoop to install/update flyctl. It works great