Destroy apps error.

When I use flyctl to execute destroy command, I get this error,
“Destroying an app is not reversible.
Error prompt: non interactive”.
I am using the windows version,
I can destroy on webui.
What should I do.

EDIT: There also seems to be a confirmation flag you can use.
Could you try with that as well? Adding -y that is.

A few questions:

  • What version of flyctl are you running?
  • Does the issue still persist, when trying to delete with the CLI?
  • Could you try with flyctl destroy <app> --verbose, to see if we can find the reason in there?
  • If you do a flyctl list apps or flyctl apps list, was the app perhaps in a pending state when the destroy was attempted?

Thank you.
The latest version I downloaded from the github releases page.
I just tried destroy apps from linux and it worked.
I think it must be a problem with my computer.