Can't delete app - times out

Can’t delete an app. Trying to delete my account but it won’t let me cause the app deletion just times out every time.

I also have been charged a cent, how when I’m literally trying for free and haven’t even got a single app working. Delete my account.

Hi @violetkitty how are you trying to delete the app?

You can delete an app in the web browser by going to the dashboard > organisation the app is in > app-you-want-to-delete > settings then you should see a delete button.

Or you can delete it on the terminal using the command flyctl apps destroy <name of app you want to delete>.

If both of those two options are failing then can you paste/ screenshot the timeout error you’re seeing when you attempt to delete the app

And I am just curious what issues or failure messages did you see when trying to get your app working on fly?

You shouldn’t have been charged if you were within the free trial and we will get your cent refunded :slight_smile: