Deploying an app with multiple machines takes very long

Since v2, the deployment of our app sometimes takes very long.
We have 40 machines in different regions. The deployment sometimes takes more than 40 minutes. Waiting for each machine, one by one.

  Machine e2865135b70558 [app] has state: started
  [36/40] Checking that e2865135b70558 [app] is up and running
  [36/40] Waiting for e2865135b70558 [app] to become healthy: 0/1
  [36/40] Waiting for e2865135b70558 [app] to become healthy: 1/1
  [36/40] Machine e2865135b70558 [app] update finished: success

In v1 this could also take some time, but never more than 7 - 8 minutes.
Can we speed this up? Any advice?

Hey Pieter, the default deployment strategy for V2 apps is rolling - this means that machines are updated one by one and health checks need to pass before moving onto the next. If speed is important, you could try moving to an immediate strategy where all machines will be updated at once.

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