Any update on when bluegreen deploy strategy will be ready?

After we’ve moved from V1 to V2, we have a nodejs app with a dozen machines across 4 regions that takes about 20 minutes to deploy. This was 8-10 mins on V1.

Any tips on speeding things up? Looks like the machine provisioning and health checks are happening sequentially, and that’s taking up the bulk of the time.

Ideal scenario would be provisioning/checking all of our machines in parallel and then cut over all at once blue/green style.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t provide an ETA just yet, but it’s being actively worked on. 50% of the required work is done.
It should be out soon!

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@doncote we shipped bluegreen deployments. Finally, BlueGreen Deployments for AppsV2! 🚀
Can you try it out and see if it speeds up your deployment time?

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