Problems with deploying new versions of Apps v2 app

I’m struggling to get a new version of an app running on the Apps v2 platform deployed in my staging environment. I’m getting stuck at this step:

Waiting for 6e82e07a479e87 [work-default] to have state: started

There are 3 process groups, this is the first and only process that even attempts to start. The machine in question is 6e82e07a479e87 and the deployment is deployment-01GZCGRQJWK8QJDY4JY1JPKRAX. The app is currently only deployed within the iad region and I have not yet tried a different region or to remove and re-create the machine.

Having the same problem.

I see you have 3 instances running now. Did you manage to solve it?

I waited about 4 hours and gave up, deleted the machines, and then re-deployed everything again. It’s working, but it didn’t solve itself and I still don’t know what the cause was.

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