Customer success stories

I couldn’t find on your website any success stories or case studies or companies using in production. Are you able to share any examples?

I am aware of, are there any more anyone can share?

Are you more interested in what neat things devs are doing with, or people that prove it’s a reliable place to deploy important work?

If it’s devs you’re after, our twitter and Hacker News comments are sometimes interesting. You’ll get examples of what people are doing, some praise, and a some complaints. There are also a few interesting customer logos on our homepage.

We don’t really write up case studies, but we have hundreds of very large companies running apps on Everything from $100 to $40k per month worth of infrastructure. They’re mostly using it for the same stuff devs do. Just more intense.

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More people that prove it’s a reliable place to deploy important work. I have been using it for personal projects and loving the experience. And now looking for evidence to show how we can use it at my work too. We are using a simple AWS set up that could easily be replaced by

One of the questions I get asked about newer / non-mainstream tools is to demonstrate its “production readiness”, and having examples of businesses using it in a large scale is often a good way to demonstrate this.

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