Startup credit program


I was wondering if there’s a program for startups for credits. I am trying to convince management to switch to but we just got 10k$ in AWS credits. Getting credits would make convincing management much easier.


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+1 for a credit program for upstarts and tech shops.

I’m surprised Fly doesn’t yet have such a program setup for Y Combinator startups, at least? If Fly does, then not much work extending it to others, I’d imagine… Where’s the bizdev at?

Hi @Yaeger

Another thing to discuss with management is devops overhead. AWS has quite a high devops overhead, especially when scaling to multiple regions, while has quite a low overhead.

To scale to multiple regions in AWS you would easily need to spend time setting up VPCs, Security Groups, etc for each region, which takes quite a bit of overhead even when using automation like CloudFormation. With you can scale by running a few fly CLI commands and you’re pretty much done.

We were on AWS and ended up shifting almost everything to due to lower devops overheads and lower complexity meaning the infrastructure as a whole is easier to understand for our developers. The level of support and the cost of that support is also much more attractive than what AWS offers.


Any update on this?