Heroku Enterprise customer looking to switch to fly.io but can't get hold of CS

Hi there,

We’re currently a Heroku Enterprise customer and looking to switch away from them by the end of the year due to how unreliable the service has become (Two Heroku caused outages last month alone.) We’re currently assessing different providers as part of a move towards a multi-cloud architecture to improve resiliency.

We tried out the whole fly.io deployment pipeline and everything was very smooth, but unfortunately we can’t perform any basic load testing because our account is restricted to shared VMs for some reason: “Your organization is currently restricted to shared-cpu-1x VMs only. Please contact us at support@fly.io to upgrade to larger instances.”

It’s now been 4 days and no one has replied to us. Are there any other support channels we can reach out to?


No support is only issue at Fly.io during my testing period. If something goes wrong you are alone.


Fly do provide support but (understandably) they focus on their paid plans (Plan Pricing · Fly). Customers on those will get priority:

Pro Plan: “Email support with guaranteed response times”

Scale Plan: “… includes a special email address for emergency support”

People from Fly do regularly respond on this forum. But for Enterprise-level usage, it sounds like you would be likely to pick one of those paid plans and so be less likely to need it.


They’ve responded so all good. Thanks!