Custom domains for our customers

Hi all,

We want to offer our customers the ability to point their domain to our app. We have a custom domain ourselves, say “” and want our customers to set a CNAME for their domain to point to ours.

I’ve done a few searches on this and right now it seems I’d need to:

  • provision new certs for each domain a customer add
  • they should be able to point their domain to our domain as CNAME
  • can I avoid the certs problem by using A/AAAA records for my domain?

Are these assumptions correct? Do we really need to provision new certificates every time? Can we instead have something like a “” and have customers point to that? How are others doing this.

Your assumption is correct. Each customer domain needs to apply for a certificate.

Fly has API for manage certificate Custom Domains and SSL Certificates · Fly Docs

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