Certs for custom domains


any know issue on custom domais? I’ve issued 2 certs and configured the DNS exactly how you say and I can’t reach my app.

I’ve also followed this Morgan Kartchner - Blog - Using Fly.io for Hosting and Cloudflare for DNS

I’ve already try Cloudflare and also from namecheap DNS configs. No Luck so far… Any help?



Is the certificate showing as having been issued (with the Fly CLI or dashboard)?

You will need to either CNAME your domain to the name.fly.dev or add A/AAAA records to the IPv4/IPv6 respectively so that Fly can verify it is your domain.

Using Cloudflare can complicate things a bit because it has its own proxy (orange-cloud record) which Fly does not expect. It is simplest to grey-cloud those DNS records in Cloudflare if you don’t need its features (WAF etc). Then it should work.

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