Confusion with pricing for apps with volume store

I want to deploy an app on fly with 1GB of volume. My current account does not have a credit card attached so I can create a volume but I cannot attach the volume to a new machine because I run into

Error: failed to launch VM: To create more than 1 machine per app please add a payment method

I see resources we get for free are the following:

Resources included for free on all plans:

  • Up to 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs****
  • 3GB persistent volume storage (total)
  • 160GB outbound data transfer

If I put my credit card on file, what can I be expect to be charged for? My understanding from the above is that I have 3 machines, one is allocated to the builder, one for my app and so I’m not sure why I cannot utilize the 3rd one.


Those are indeed the resources you can use within the free allowance (of around $5 a month).

If you put in your credit card details to gain access to them, you will likely be charged an initial verification fee (to check your card is valid) which is then refunded. It’s probably only a dollar or so.

At the end of the month (assuming you haven’t exceeded the free allowance) you won’t be billed at all :slight_smile:

If you do exceed the free allowance (for example you create a 10GB volume, or your app uses 500GB of bandwidth) you would be billed, for that usage.

Providing the credit card just unlocks that access as they want to prevent abuse. For more:

You can confirm by emailing

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