Configuring domain names


I’ve successfully deployed a Sinatra app an this URL:

Subsequently, I’ve updated the CNAME and ALIAS DNS records on my domain registrar with the above URL; they are now pointing at the right IP address.

How do I configure my hosting package so that I can use my own domains instead of the system-generated one above?

Thank you!

Hi @fullstackplus

You can’t remove the address but you can use your own domain. It sounds like you’ve already setup the required DNS records so nothing more should be needed.

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Hi @charsleysa

Apologies if my question was unclear, but what I need is for the above website to be accessible at:

So I was asking how to make the above domain (which I own) point to the address.

Hi @fullstackplus! You can find the official documentation for custom domains here:

Since you’ve already configured the records to point your domains at your Fly app, I think all you’ll need to do is create certificates for them, i.e., running the following for your app:

fly certs create
fly certs create

You can then use fly certs list to check that they’re issued.

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Worked like a charm, @MatthewIngwersen! Thanks a lot :+1: :+1:

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