Pointing Address to Subdomain for A record

Good afternoon,

I am attempting to create an A record for my fly app pointing the v4 and v6 address to a subdomain → sheets.onefact.org.

Does anyone having a screenshot of a setup pointing to their subdomain? I am running on a MacOs for reference

Thank you in advance!
Kakuyon Mataeh

hi! so fly itself isn’t what you’d want to use for configuring your domains’ records.

For that, you’d want to pick out a third-party DNS provider like DNSSimple (we use them ourselves for the platform!) or Cloudflare – a lot of users configure their records with them, and have posted their about their configs.

Whichever DNS provider you end up using will likely have instructions/screenshots in their own documentation for setting this up.

We have a few articles in our blogs/docs that might help get you started:

I hope this helps-- feel free to respond with any other questions you might have.