client problem: invalid authority | no host specified in headers or uri | empty string

Hey guys,

One of my apps poses as gateway and is the only one that is exposed publicly. Sometimes I see one of these messages in logs:

1. client problem: invalid authority
2. client problem: no host specified in headers or uri
3. client problem: empty string

I don’t think these logs are coming out of my app. I tried searching for similar topics and I see that some people encounter similar messages, but I wasn’t able to understand what do they actually mean.

My app region list is set to ams, cdg and waw, but I can see in the logs that these messages sometimes originate from some other regions: bom, chi, lga, lhr, nrt, sjc (some of these are not even mentioned in the docs or in the output of fly platform regions).

Can anyone shed some light what the problem is?


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