Random Error Code 525 "client problem: no host specified in headers or uri"


I have a Remix app that was running perfectly fine. I made no changes at all and then I got a random Cloudflare error 525 on my website.

The app works perfectly fine on the myapp.fly.dev site. I’m not sure what has changed on cloudflares end and what I can do to fix it.

My monitor log shows the error “client problem: no host specified in headers or uri” when I try to go to my actual domain name. Does this mean that is something that I might have to try and change on the application code itself?

Problem solved… needed to renew certificates. Would be kind of nice of Fly.io to remind me of that or have a bigger UI pop up telling me this is the issue. Although it is stupid of me to not notice this first all I have to my defense is sometimes you got a stupid week and it would be nice to have an automation, like an email warning, to help prevent this for the future.

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