client problem: invalid authority

Hi I have for all my node apps the log issue of:

client problem: invalid authority

Seen that many people are posting about it but do not see any solutions. Can someone help me.

Machine names with this issue:

twilight-sea-4433 3d8d991db22768
aged-firefly-918 e2865536f7e358
damp-surf-5332 e784ee7ef4d078

Can someone help?

I don’t see this problem with my node apps, so I would only be guessing, but perhaps installing ca-certificates might help?

npx dockerfile --add=ca-certificates

No its not any certificates I have produced, just added certificates through fly service

The thing I do not get is that one of the services I have this log issue with is umami an open source project/dockerfile for analytics. Which I have not altered, so do not get why Im experiencing this for all except one service. Did not have this problem a month back.

@stephen1 seemed to have had this issue as well but now resolved: Monitoring logs not showing up

same topic for @megafinz client problem: invalid authority | no host specified in headers or uri | empty string - not resolved

@gensa 404 and client problem: invalid authority - not resolved

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