Free Tier Pricing Question


I’d like to try out; however, I don’t want to use any resources beyond the free tier limits. Can I configure my app(s) such that:

  • you won’t scale beyond 3 shared-cpu-1x (regardless of utilization) no matter what
  • you will shut down my app until next month if I go past 160GB network egress
    Forgive me if this is already answered somewhere; I couldn’t find it.

Not quite! You can disable autoscaling on your by settings flyctl scale count 1, which will keep it at one VM at all times.

There’s no way to limit bandwidth directly. The closest you can get is our prepaid credits feature – you can buy prepaid credits and we’ll shut your apps off when the prepaid credits run out.

Thanks kurt. Sounds good; the prepaid credit option should work.

I’m considering putting cloudflare in front of fly to cache the static content so I can minimize my fly egress costs. Have others had success with this? Is this reasonable?

Yes totally reasonable! That said, 160GB is quite a lot for static content. We were on the top of Hacker News twice in April and only hit 120GB of usage.

If you surpass that with images even CloudFlare is going to require you to upgrade to a paid plan.

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Thanks Kurt! Makes sense.