Changed from Legacy Hobby Plan to Pay-As-You-Go because of billing change e-mails

Hey there, I have a single organization on the Legacy Hobby plan and received the e-mails regarding the 5$ credit expiration.

Since the follow-up e-mails about it being a bug had gone to the junk mail and I just read them, before reading them I thought that for some reason I was going to be charged even though I am on the Legacy Hobby plan.

This prompted me to change plans, and I chose the “Pay As You Go” plan as the “change plans” page did not mention the free allowances not applying to that plan.

I have the change scheduled for the next month’s billing period, but since I now read the e-mails I realized this was a mistake. Is there any way to revert this plan change so that my project stays on the Legacy Hobby plan?

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Hi, for billing queries you’ll need to email

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