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So I just got an email that I am exceeding some limits. All my organizations suppose to be on the legacy “free” tier. However looking at one of my apps I see there is a 5$ Hobby plan charge (which propels me obliviously above the magic 5$ mark). Can someone explain whats going on? Will I be charged now 5$/month + resources used even on the legacy free plan?

The Organization in question is called “Personal” and based on all metrics displayed I should be way within the limits with a single container running.

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Hi, apologies, this is mostly a display issue. You are still on the Legacy Hobby plan - I just double checked.

We had some event-related code that would warn people when they were leaving a free trial range. While moving some folks onto a new billing system events were triggered that have emailed some people making it look like their plans are being switched - they’re not (you’re not).

Your plan remains in the same spot it was. We’re working on a fix to prevent this message from going out in cases like yours.


Ah ok that makes sense. But just to be sure even though the Bill (in the Billing tab) indicates a bill of 6$ because of a 5$ hobby charge I should not expect to be billed at all at the moment (unless I obviously abuse the system which I have no intentions off doing)?

Yup, we’re in the process of undoing these, and your org is definitely in our list of those needing fixes. We’ll get rid of the hobby charges asap and email you when this is resolved :slight_smile:

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