Can you stack the free tier resources in one instance?


I see that 3x 1vCPU/256MB RAM machines are included for free, plus <$5/mo spend I believe.

Putting aside the $5 waiver, is it free to stack the resources? E.g. can I run one 2vCPU instance with 512MB RAM for free?

Sorry if this has been asked - I reviewed some related posts but did not see the question posed in this way.


Hi… “Stacking” is an interesting way of thinking about it… You can do so with the volumes, but not with RAM or CPUs. Even experienced users have scratched their heads over the exact interpretation, though; I believe the following is the most directly worded clarification so far:

It would be nice if the docs had more “this is free” / “this is not free” examples, :butterfly:

Added billing, machines

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