How much can I scale in Free Plan

In the Free Allowances Section of the pricing page, it says that we can “Run 3 shared-cpu-1x VMs with 256MB RAM full time”. I have a very basic personal site, with practically no visitors right now. Even the website is text only with very basic HTML and no CSS or JS framework.

I am currently running my app with shared-cpu-1x, 256MB, 1 core CPU - which is fine, but I am thinking how much can I scale up without incurring any extra costs. If I am allowed 3 such machines, can I scale to 512 MB RAM under free allowance?


Hi, I think this might help you:

The free tier VMs are the ones with that CPU and that RAM.

If you happen to scale and slightly go above the free tier we are happy to waive charges, we don’t want to bill you if a mistake happens.