Can anyone from Fly confirm if our support email is actually working?

I have just upgraded us from the Launch Plan to the Scale Plan to obtain whatever “Priority Email Support” is. Prior attempts to send emails to the Launch custom email we were given has not generated any replies (usually with ticketing systems I expect at least some sort of auto-reply like: “Thanks for your email, replies should take X hours”.

Our site has been effectively offline for 24 hours with the continued proxy issues. While region swapping has worked, what is now broken is any internal communications of our apps. So any applications which talk using the APPNAME.internal:8080 scheme are broken right now. We are going to swap around to having them talk through the public facing URL which we can thankfully do for one of our applications, since it has both a public facing and internal deployment profile.

It seems this problem is entirely isolated to services which have been deployed in the past 24 hours, other services seem fine and we’re just thankful that nothing has been deployed.

In the support email I gave very detailed diagnostics for the problem:

val http = require('http');
http.get('http://APPNAME.internal:8080/health', (res) => {
    console.log('statusCode: ' + res.statusCode);
// this prints nothing at all, since it hangs, eventually would timeout like the axios calls we use internally

val https = require('https');
https.get('', (res) => {
    console.log('statusCode: ' + res.statusCode);
> statusCode: 200

This all worked up until the last 24 hours.

So long post, two questions:

  1. Given we now have Priority Email, when can we expect a reply?
  2. Why is this still broken? This isn’t a proxy issue as far as I can tell.

Hi @mikeglazer

Are you running appv1 (nomad) apps? If so, you might be affected by this issue Status - Delayed state updates: expect more proxy retries for instances of new deployments

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@mikeglazer i have used support email a few times, i was getting responses in 1-3 days :grimacing:. Forum usually works faster

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Yes, I believe I am affected by that issue, in this particular case, “expect more proxy retries” doesn’t actually describe the precise issue I was hitting, which is: “Internal communication between services doesn’t work, but going out and back through the front door works fine”.

I was able to get through to support and they reset the state on my application which seems to have fixed things. I’m still cautioned against any new deployments though, so I’m holding off on that until given the go ahead.

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Not trying to pile on here, but my only attempt at using our support email (paid plan) was met with no response.

As much I as truly enjoy using Fly, I do wish support were more responsive.

I am not seeing emails from either of you. Can you forward them to me (as attachments, so I can see the headers?) at kurt at fly dot io?

You should typically get a response within a business day, on both launch and scale plans. Weekend coverage is spotty while we expand our support team. Once we can reliably provide 24x7 support engineer coverage, we’ll have options for getting support within 1 hour.

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