Bash for Windows Support? WSL?

Hi there. Trying to use for the first time (coming from Gigalixir) and running into a number of issues:

  1. fly does not work for me as a command, but flyctl does. (In fact, flyctl.exe is the only executable in my ~/.fly directory.
  2. Running flyctl launch from Windows PowerShell (standalone) returns an error indicating the command is not running ‘interactive mode’. I don’t see a flag to actually run this command in interactive mode. (Oddly, this is the same error if I run flyctl in Bash for Windows.)
  3. Running flyctl launch from VSCode’s PowerShell lets the script run, but then stops at Running Docker release generator. No error is given, and there are no signs of life via the Task Manager.

I believe that the docker errors are due to running flyctl in a PowerShell but everything for mix is set up to work inside Bash for Windows. That is, if I try to run a mix command from PS it will fail.

Is it possible to use Bash for Windows? Or am I required to use PowerShell if I wish to use and develop on a windows machine?

I note WSL in your title… I highly recommend it. Everything just works.

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I ended up setting up WSL with VSCode and was able to get everything rolling there. I had to reinstall a bunch of things (Elixir etc) in the VM but everything works now.


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