Issue with 'fly' or 'flyctl' Command on WSL 2

1.) Going through the documents, and when I’m trying to deploy, I’m getting this error:

I have Docker set up and running w/ a Docker File in my program. I’m wondering if it’s a Docker issue, or a WSL 2 backend issue with Docker. Has anyone come across this error using WSL2?

2.) my CLI doesn’t recognize my “fly” Or “flyctl” commands. I have to use $/home/vvronsky/.fly/bin/flyctl <COMMAND> for my commands to run.

Making me wonder if this is all still a WSL 2 issue?

Can you make sure you’re on the latest flyctl version then run:

fly doctor
fly agent stop
fly agent start
DEV=1 fly agent ping
fly ping personal

Hey, here’s the output:

Any ideas?

The command you want is fly ping -o personal. A direct argument is useful for pinging specific hosts.

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Hey @joshua I’ve ran the command again and it seems to be hanging.