Automatic payment fails due to fraud detection


every time the billing system tries to charge my debit card, my bank detects a fraud and blocks my card: “Incorrect card details provided”.
That’s because you are using my email address (I assume) as my name when trying to charge.

This is a super pain in the ass. Please fix it.

Have you triple checked you typed in the number, expiration, and cvc in properly?

The number, expiration date and cvc are a self-checking mechanism. If one would be incorrect the entire entry would not be accepted. But I checked again yes.

I can clearly see though that on the stripe payment site my name is not in the billing information. It’s my email that is being used. Which makes me think that when trying to charge my card instead of my name the email is transmitted.

Luhn only checks the number, neither the expiration nor the cvc are checked in this mechanism.

Who or what is Luhn?

Anyhow. I can guarantee there is something wrong with the payment, because I reentered the card details again and when I click on “add” my bank’s app asks me if this is fraud, upon which I decline and the card is being added. BUT the next time it tries to charge me it’s being detected as fraud again.

Guys it can’t be that hard… you want to be payed right? This is becoming ridiculous.

I just checked and the name is attached to your card within Stripe. Unfortunately, the bank keeps rejecting charges and the message is “have the customer contact the bank”.

It’s possible the bank is fine with immediate transactions but not allowing transactions on a saved card. The options here are either:

  1. Call the bank :face_vomiting:
  2. Buy prepaid Fly credits and don’t rely on the monthly charges

I’ll put a $20 credit on your account for now so you don’t have to worry about it for a while.


@kurt thank you for taking a look and for the credit.
Ok, I’ll solve it via credit for now and will contact my bank (which is going to take some time)

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