Are there any plans to introduce instances with 512MB RAM?

I have a few different (Elixir/Phoenix) projects that I’m migrating over to fly, some on my personal account, some for my employer. In general for these projects the default 256MB allocation isn’t enough, but 1024MB is really difficult to take advantage of; most sit around 350 to 450 mark, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they had to use swap during spikes. Seems a bit of a waste to have the spare memory and not be able to use it.

So I was wondering if there are there any plans to introduce instances with 512MB RAM.

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Makes sense. We just added it. You should now be able to set the memory to 512MB.


Wow, such a fast turn-around! Y’all rock! :partying_face:

FYI, I’m not seeing the option on the pricing page yet. Not sure about anyone else, but that’s the first place I visit to remind me of what scaling options are available.

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Thanks for this, my use case (caddy servers) hugely benefits from having a middle option too. 256mb should be more than enough, but feels uncomfortably tight, while 1gb often felt like overkill.

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What’s the pricing on the 512MB instances?

They work out to about $3.19/mo. RAM is ~$5/mo/GB, and it’s adding 256MB to the base VM type.