App unavailable despite message that service interruption has been resolved

Hello! Our app to control blood sugar of my daughter (She is DT1) is unavailable despite the message that a service Interruption has been resolved 4 hours ago. And this is happening on the very day when for the first time our 13 year old daughter is not at home overnight (school camp). We are very worried as a hypo nocturne can be fatal. Can anyone help us? Thank you very much.

I took a look at the logs of your app, and it is failing with a “password invalid” error. I’m not familiar with the app so I’m not sure how to fix it; I recommend reaching out to whoever set it up or to the developer of the app.
You can find the logs at Sign In · Fly → select your app → monitoring tab on the left.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I also saw this error in the logs, but I don’t know how to solve it. The App was developed by me on Heroku with precise instructions. I’m not a developer so I don’t know how to solve it here. Can someone from Fly team help us? Thank you very much.

If you know how to solve it on Heroku, I can try to translate the instructions to Fly. Would that help?

The app is not on Heroku anymore. I will have to solve the issue here.

Considering what you posted at " Error Code="Account Password Invalid" (please don’t create more than one post, it is futile and spreads the conversation)

OnlineException DateThrownLocal=“2023-08-09T12:13:30.763” DateThrown=“2023-08-09T12:13:30.763Z” ErrorCode=“AccountPasswordInvalid” Type=“13” Category=“4” Severity=“1” TypeString=“InvalidPassword” CategoryString=“Validation” SeverityString=“Minor” HostName=“” HostIP=“” Id=“{01b68373-c594-4bdc-8aa6-16dbdbe7e1cc}” Message=“Publisher account password failed” FullText=“ Publisher account password failed” />',

I think your Dexcom user and password are invalid, try updating them as explained in this guide Nightscout in — Nightscout Documentation documentation

Even better description of the Dexcom bridge credentials at Troubleshoot Dexcom Share — Nightscout Documentation documentation

Hi, Dangra. Many thanks for your reply. I’m not using Dexcom share, but freestyle libre, nighscout and shugah.

Hi J, I am not familiar with Nightscout nor diabetes sensors but your app is configured to connect to Dexcom share

It has BRIDGE_USER_NAME, BRIDGE_PASSWORD and includes bridge in the list of ENABLED components.

ENABLE=careportal basal bwp iob cage sage iage azurepush bridge cors

This issue is similar although not the same Dexcom bridge does not work for Dexcom account names including '+' · Issue #8056 · nightscout/cgm-remote-monitor · GitHub

Hi Dangra, many thanks for your help. Now I have to study :-).

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HI again, I cannot solve the issue, still don’t have access to the app. I didn’t change any configuration, didn’t edit any secrets and after a maintenance intervention from Fly team this his happening. Please, Fly Team, can you check this as it is very important for my Dauther’s health.

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