App unavailable after maintenance intervention from team

Hello team,
I didn’t change any configuration, didn’t edit any secrets and after a maintenance intervention from team the app is unavailable. This is a very important app to remotely control mu Daughter’s blood sugar.
In the logs a can see some errors:
. Error refreshing token null 500 { Code: ‘AccountPasswordInvalid’,
. Message: ‘Publisher account password failed’,

But don’t have enough knowledge to solve it. Please help. Many thanks.

Hi there. I’m sorry this isn’t working. Unfortunately this seems like a configuration issue with your app. That error message is from the nightscout app you are running. Unfortunately the best clue we have is the AccountPasswordInvalid error code. I’d encourage you to check the passwords in your configuration and if that doesn’t work reach out to the nightscout team.


We’re not able to help diagnose an issue inside the app itself like @DAlperin said, but we did double check that everything went well with your app’s migration and it looks good from our end.

This is not related to your current error, but I did notice you’re running one instance of the app, which means it’s more likely to do down in case of an outage. It’s really easy to make another instance so your app is less likely to go down! You can do that with the fly scale count command: Scale the Number of Machines · Fly Docs. Scaling to count 2 or more will make a big difference.

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Just wanted to follow up. The migration to apps v2 happened months ago, and the app has been running since. The issue here seems to be the app crashing after the host it was running on was restarted earlier today. Restarts are normal, and when it happens apps will start again with the same configuration and a clean boot disk. This error is saying a password is incorrect. How was the password set? Was it a secret, or a file on disk? Would a redeploy fix it?

Unfortunately we don’t have enough experience with nightscout to suggest next steps. I’m sorry we can’t do more. I know how stressful this is, and I hope you can figure it out quickly.


Many thanks for your reply. I will check the app configuration, , although I have not changed anything. I don’t have a clue of what " AccountPasswordInvalid error code" might be?? Many thanks again for your help.

Hi Michael, exactly that: stop working after host maintenance. I don really know why there is this problem with the password as i didn’t change it. The password was set as a secret. I don’t think a redeploy will fix it. I guess the only option would be to create a new app and deploy it.
Many thanks

We can try a few things with secrets to see if that helps. Make sure you upgrade your flyctl first if you haven’t deployed recently.

Can you run fly secrets list and make sure everything looks like it did when you first set up the app?

You could also try resetting the secret and doing a redeploy (fly config save, thenfly secrets set NAMEOFSECRET, then fly deploy). Like this user here V2 Migration failed to migrate a secret correctly.

Hi Nina, I will try to do that, but will have to learn first. Never used flyctl as I have migrated the app from heroku using a migration page and a detailed and easy guide. I will have to learn fast as this is urgent. I will also try to see if app configuration is ok on GitHub. Many thanks for your help.

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Hi again. I have checked the secrets list and all the Env Variables are there. However, I have only access to the name, digest and date of creation. I am not able to check the actual value to see if it is right. How can I
do that? Many thanks.

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Hello, after some self-imposed fast learning :-), I managed to resetting the secrets and redeploy as suggested by Nina and it did work!!! I’m so happy. Many thanks to all.


Oh that’s great news! Nice job. Hope your daughter is doing well!

Did you figure out how to scale the app up to two Machines?

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Yes, I will scale the app up to another machine soon. My Daughter if fine, thank you.

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