App suspended by migrate-to-v2, cannot restore

my app has been suspended by migrate-to-v2, which failed during migration as the health checks not passed (not sure why, v1 works fine). And now I cannot resume it, so no new deploy.

Tried with fly resume smtimetables, but got: Error: failed resuming smtimetables: server returned a non-200 status code: 500

It sounds like the app didn’t migrate properly. Can you try using this to troubleshoot? fly migrate-to-v2 troubleshoot: self-service troubleshooting for migration issues

Otherwise we can take a look.

I’ve run fly migrate-to-v2 troubleshoot but got this error:

Error: app has not been migrated to Apps V2
please try running ‘fly migrate-to-v2 troubleshoot’ later.


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