App stuck as pending (multiple versions)

34d9a3e0        app     1143    nrt     run     pending                         0               36m16s ago
e7258df8        app     1143    nrt     run     running 1 total, 1 passing      1               36m59s ago
6c46a36e        app     1142    nrt     run     running 1 total, 1 passing      1               41m5s ago 
6d2283ff        app     1142    nrt     stop    pending                         0               41m5s ago 
78d440b2        app     1141    nrt     stop    pending                         0               54m32s ago
759dcc3b        app     1140    nrt     stop    pending                         0               1h25m ago 
9a9ffc5d        app     1139    nrt     stop    running 1 total, 1 passing      2               4h14m ago 

This never happened to me before. And as you can see the apps have been pending for a while now. I have tired deploying new versions and also upgrading CPU (dedicated 2vCPU, 4GM ram)

Still stuck and three different versions running for a while now…

I would like to know why this happened, how I can fix this issue and also how to prevent this.

Also I noticed that if I go to “Activity” in fly dashboard, I see a ton of reverts:


by 1 minute

Reverted from v1184 to v1146

Is this working now? We had a host in the nrt region that was at capacity, degrading performance. It should be operating as normal now.

ah ok so it was a regional issue?

I moved it iad and it works well right now. But one strange thing is that there is still an app running in nrt. Its status is running and desired as stop. Do I just have to wait? And although it might not be huge, I think this would cause increase in price? This would be big if I was running a lot more apps

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