App platform detached

An hour ago my app stopped working. It is suspended, and with platform detached.

Didn’t do anything. It just stopped!

Also, when I click machines on the dashboard, it just throw a not found error and pushes me out of the dashboard.

Can someone help me out to figure out how to solve it?

I’m going to fix the detached state for you right now, thanks for letting us know!

I’m not sure about the dashboard bug though and can’t reproduce it. Do you see any output in the developer tools console when this happens?

Thanks for the reply @nina . I created a new redis instance (on upstash) using the cli and removed that app. I needed to move fast because my system was unresponsive

Got it, I’m glad you got it working.

We were looking through the releases and we’re honestly not sure how this was working before the migration. It shows a failed release on July 13th before it got picked up for migration today.

I was a little confused because the email said it was migrating next week! Anyways, thanks for checking! have a great day

Ah, sorry about that! I usually queue those up on a Thursday or Friday but I think we did them on Monday this time around, so the text was confusing.

At this point about 95% of all Fly apps are on machines, we’re a little eager to bring everyone onboard to really improve the reliability of our infrastructure for everyone.

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