App not responsive, website down, cannot deploy!

Hello there.
Our app is completely stuck.
The website gives 502.

From the logs we see we have an old release that is running on a VM, but this VM gives tons of errors.

We launched a new deploy, new VMs gets created, but the old ones are not stopped (including the one that returns a lot of errors).
Now in the dashboard we see 6 VMs instead of 2. But we cannot see the one that is giving the errors.

Also, we tried to stop that VM, but we get this error:

Error failed to stop allocation: Could not find Allocation

We cannot stop the VMs, nor restart, …
Any advice?

If you spend more than $29/mo on Fly, subscribe to their paid plans and send Fly support an email.

Is it a regular multi-process Fly app? I’ve seen similar (but less severe) issues with those once before.

See if these steps give you any hints on what’s going on:

In the meanwhile, to mitigate the downtime, you can deploy the same code to a new Fly application and flip your DNS records to point to those. A caveat, keep this recent shared-IPv4 related change in mind (just in case your Fly app expects dedicated IPv4s): Announcement: Shared Anycast IPv4

Sorry about your issues deploying, we had some issues with v1 apps this afternoon. We’ve implemented a fix and are monitoring.

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Thanks ignoramus & DAlperin.
Now it seems to work fine. I guess it may be related to the issues DAlperin mentioned.