Cannot deploy, getting 504s from Fly API

Run flyctl deploy --remote-only --config ./apps/prod/fly.toml
==> Verifying app config
Error server returned a non-200 status code: 504


Yep…production broken again. How frustrating.

Hello, we experienced an issue with our deployment cluster that caused a ~10 minute interruption, it should be stable again so you can continue your deployments. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Appreciate the rapid response, releases appear to be going through now but stuck/taking much longer than usual on health checks, confirming if that’s expected.

I’m having issues in LHR still

This says it’s resolved on the status page, but I’m still having deployments stuck at pending. @wjordan Do you have an update? This is blocking a critical path to hotfixing or application today.

This has just reoccured again. It has managed to start one instance thankfully. Multi region + multi instance taken down without a re-deployment seems extremely sketchy.

Im also having deployment failures in the MIA region. Also, the dashboard will not load.

We are also having issues: the dashboard does not load and newly deployed apps are returning 503

I just got a successful deploy to LAX

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Here it also went back to normal.

For us, it’s continuously redeploying:

We haven’t re-deployed once :man_shrugging:

Hi folks, sorry for the inconvenience. The service became unstable again and caused a second interruption to deployments. It should be once again stable, and we’re still actively monitoring and investigating the root cause to try and prevent any further issues.

@bkspace you’re experiencing an unrelated application issue- your app is exiting with an out of memory error which is why it keeps restarting (apps will automatically restart after they crash, and re-deploy if they crash quickly). You can find the exact error in your app logs.

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@wjordan I have not been able to deploy all day.

This is what I see after it takes super long to build:

[+] Building 815.4s (1/1) FINISHED
 => ERROR [internal] load remote build context                                                                                                                                                                   815.4s
 > [internal] load remote build context:
Error failed to fetch an image or build from source: error building: error during connect

I’ve also tried with --local-only

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Thank you, we’re looking into that. Strange as the app has been running smoothly for weeks afaik - perhaps all the traffic going to one instance, due to the restarts, is causing the issue.