Some questions for the admins...

So I just started playing with things trying to get a website up just to get something accessible, but also playing with WireGuard peering as I find that interesting and have used it at my previous company before, ran into a few snags but probably on my end but before i continued i figured i’d ask some questions first.

Few questions when the team gets a chance…

  • I don’t see any cost associated with redis instances on the pricing page?

  • Where can I see costs associated with my running apps, current, past, forecast etc? (or the 10$ monthly credit i saw mentioned elsewhere…

  • Your pricing page has a odd cutoff “Billing is per user or organization, if you want to run more free apps, just”… just what? lol

  • Wireguard is nice and easy to setup and get up and running which is STELLAR implementation, however seems to be something missing, no DNS entry for peers? I’d have expected if I create a wireguard peer that it would create a dns entry for that peer like peername.wireguard.internal for easier access across the tunnel peers without having to remember them and maybe even a _wireguard.internal that lists all the created peers?

  • Just wondering I saw that persistent storage is in testing and while costs seem low was wondering if theirs going to be any free tier for that like the other options (for quick testing it’d be nice to be able to spin up a small persistent for testing without the cost ticking at me while in dev)

The shared Redis service is free, with everything that implies. :wink: It’s not a product we’re going to do much with (running Redis on peoples’ own VMs is better) but you are free to use it.

You can’t see the costs directly yet, but you can see usage. New accounts won’t get the $10/mo credit in January so we won’t ever really have reporting on it, we’re shifting to a free tier instead. Current accounts will still get the $10/mo credit for at least six months, and we’ll notify everyone at least 60 days ahead of time if we cut it off.

:clown_face: :arrow_left: that was me.

Try dig txt _peer.internal. That’ll give you a list of named peers, each of those have an AAAA record. Here are some of mine:

➜ dig txt _peer.internal @fdaa:0:5f4::3 +short
➜ dig aaaa nuc._peer.internal @fdaa:0:5f4::3 +short

We probably won’t have a free storage tier. The nvme disks we use are precious and we have to be careful about people eating them up with apps that aren’t doing anything! But you do have that $10/mo for a while.

Well damn that was fast and great info! Cool so the DNS is active, you might want to throw that into your wireguard page as it’s not shown on it anywhere it mentions the .internal for apps but nothing about the actual peers.

The free redis is definitely a cool feature I can see taking advantage of in some form, maybe add a mention to your free tier just so people know theirs another cool freebie from the team.

Hopefully you can get costs added to the usage at minimum, also i was running the tests with the standard shared vm but in usage it comes up as " micro-1x"… that’s not listed anywhere on the pricing page :slight_smile:

Most of the stuff that would be nice to haves seem to be related to billing/reporting, like showing usage level for a organization and how close to the free limit you are.

Really understand your restriction on those NVMe those due add up cost pretty quick :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah, micro-1x is our recently replaced small server. We’ll check and see why it’s showing as micro-1x, that’s super weird.