An unknown error occurred?

I’m trying to deploy an Elixir/Phoenix app attached to a Postgres database and I’m getting “An unknown error occurred” when I try to attach the app to the database.

How can I resolve this issue? I’ve been able to deploy this app successfully in the past.

Well, I tried deploying again 10 minutes later and it worked, so I guess I’m good for now. But this makes me nervous because I don’t know why it works sometimes and doesn’t work sometimes.

Faced An unknown error occured just after attaching my first db to an app.

The attachment went well, but now I get the error for most postgres related commands, like:

  • flyctl pg db list db-tullo
  • flyctl pg users list db-tullo

These commands worked fine before I run flyctl pg attach --database-name foobar --postgres-app db-tullo

Any ideas?

Okay, I redeployed the app and after a few minutes the mentioned commands started to work again.
One has to run them twice as the initial execution will fail.

I’m also having this issue and I’ve given this a fresh launch of both app and db twice now. Can we please get some more error logging or something on this end if it’s us? Any tips?

Any update on this? I can create postgres clusters but cannot attach them to anything.

Really looking forward to using Fly on a couple new projects but this is preventing me from doing so.

Any help would be much appreciated!

same here

There are some known issues that we are working through with the PG attach/detach features. However, you should be able to set this up manually using the following instructions: