Cannot attach Postgres to new Elixir App

I had a previous app that run the production version indiepaper-prod with associated db indiepaper-prod-db. Since I rewrote it from scratch and effective number of people using the app was zero, I decided to delete them and deploy from scratch.

I created the new app indiepaper-prod and the new postgres database indiepaper-prod-db. Running fly postgres attach --postgres-app indiepaper-prod-db -a indiepaper-prod throws an unknown error occurred.

Things I have tried

  • Deployed to different regions
  • Change name to indiepaperme-prod and indiepaperme-prod-db respectively
  • Created a new account and tried deploying the same.

What seems to be the issue ? Or is it something on my side ?

@aswinmohanme I am taking a look!

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Feel free to recreate both indiepaper-prod-db and indiepaper-prod app if necessary.

@aswinmohanme I just pushed out something that should address the issue. Mind giving it another try?

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Yes, the issue is fixed and I successfully deployed the app. Thanks for being responsive and the quick fix :rocket:

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Perfect, glad to hear!

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