Account flagged by fraud protection service unreasonably

My account was flagged as fraudulent by the team, and my container instance has been deleted without any prior warning message, which has caused me a lot of trouble.

First of all, I didn’t do anything fraudulent with both my account and the created instance, also I don’t think I violated ToS while using the service. I would like to know for the reason why my account has flagged as fraudulent with a detailed explanation.

I had send a Email to the support team but I got the reply: “This is an unmonitored support mailbox”. I need help to know what I should do to remove the fraud marker from my account.

If it’s urgent, upgrading to the Launch plan, which unfortunately is £29/mo, may unblock you:

Thank you for your suggestion. However, considering the costs I still prefer to find help in the community.

We require a paid plan for proxy apps.

Thank you, I’m sorry I just forgot that I have received an email from Fly about one month ago, which the mail says:

If you want to keep using this application on, we will automatically upgrade you to our $10/month “Advanced” plan. If you would prefer not to upgrade, you have 24 hours to delete your application before you are charged.

But that automatic upgrade didn’t seem to happen, so my account got flagged and the instance quietly disappeared after one month.

Could I upgrade to this $10 “Advanced” plan now, or I was supposed to choose another plan starting at $29?