A stopped builder machine seems to block deploying

Hello everyone.

After the last deploy, the associated builder machine has obviously not been deleted. It occupies 770 MB, is in stopped status, and when I execute fly deploy, I only get the message “Waiting for remote builder …” in an endless loop.

I cannot delete the machine via fly m destroy because it is not in my app, but in a builder app.

What is the best way to proceed?

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Hello again.

I’ve actually managed it now: The link to the machine somehow didn’t work before. Now that I’ve tried it again, I’ve reached the corresponding app page where I was able to start this machine. At least I was finally able to deploy.

Problem: Now the machine is still running. Will I have problems with it in the future, or will it disappear again on its own, as with all deploys so far?

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