fly deploy hung on: 'Waiting for remote builder '

It’s been like this for a few hours. I’ve used ‘fly apps destroy ’ a few times to have the builder recreated, but ‘fly deploy’ still hangs.

Any help appreciated.

There is the thread Fly build hangs sending context to docker daemon.

The deploy isn’t getting that far. It’s hung at ‘Waiting for the remote builder’, i.e, it doesn’t get as far as: ‘Remote builder fly-builder-broken-wood-6619 ready’

Does these commands give any effect?

fly apps destroy <your-builder-app>

fly deploy --local-only

fly apps destroy

I’ve tried this a few times, but with no luck.

fly deploy --local-only

I’m running on macos, with no local docker installed. The app I’m working on deploying is actually GitHub - ananthb/fly-podman-daemon, to use as a podman-remote!