Machines stuck destroying

Hi! I’ve got some machines that are stuck in the “destroying” state for more than 40 minutes now.

CleanShot 2023-04-07 at 21.29.44

I’ve tried deleting them with fly machines destroy <id> --force:

machine 91857752a14083 was found and is currently in destroying state, attempting to destroy...
91857752a14083 has been destroyed

But it still shows up in the dashboard!

This prevents me from deploying new apps

Hey @merlindru, there’s sometimes a slight delay between when a machine gets destroyed and when that destroyed machine gets removed from the ui. Can you explain what the issue is with deploying new apps? Is the ui/flyctl showing an error?

It says there’s a limit on how many machines I can have at a time. That wouldn’t be an issue, however, if some machines didn’t hang around for 40-50 minutes before being destroyed.

That’s why I think it’s not the UI lagging, but they’re really not being destroyed. Otherwise, that limit wouldn’t apply, right?

(I can also run the destroy --kill command a hundred times, and it’ll tell me the machine has been destroyed every single time :P)

Ah yes, I checked the logic for how destroy works and we do have a delay between the destroy event being called and when it runs. We’d added the delay in case a machines user wanted to debug a machine but are now realizing that it’s more confusing. We’re working on a quick fix for this on our end, I’ll let you know when the deploy wraps


Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

@merlindru the fix was deployed over the weekend, lmk if this is still causing any issues on your end!

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Awesome!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

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