Wireguard on linux must be restarted daily

My server (ubuntu 20.04) connects to my fly app via the .internal addresses. So far, it seems that the DNS eventually fails after some number of hours; I begin getting “Could not resolve host” errors.

Running wg-quick down basic; wg-quick up basic fixes it. My conf is exactly what fly wireguard generated; PersistentKeepalive is set to 15. Anyone ever experience this before?

I had an issue recently where DNS stopped working but only for Chrome when Wireguard was active. I had to recreate my Wireguard profiles on Fly to fix it.

My issue isn’t specific to one program – the resolving of .internal addresses just fails after a while. Maybe it’s because my server is not sending anything during that time, but i thought that was what PersistentKeepalive was for.

Is there any way to connect to specific region instances without wireguard at all?

I had a problem recently where I couldn’t ping fly’s DNS. wireguard up/down wouldn’t help. I had to delete the gateway and re-create it to fix whatever the problem was. Now I believe I’m having internal connectivity issues, so maybe not the best time for wireguard peers?