6pn.dev/ns1(-4).flydns.io DNS issue? (possible wireguard impact)

Is there currently a Fly/6pn.dev DNS issue (e.g. flydns.io expiring)?

If there is(?), this may increase (external>fly) wireguard failures by virtue of failure to resolve the wireguard gateways.

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I also have this problem, does generating new Wireguard configurations solve the issue?

** server can't find cdg1.gateway.6pn.dev: SERVFAIL

We are now aware of this and are resolving the issue.

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If fly posted the IPs in this thread - you could manually edit your wireguard config(s) with the IP of the gateway(s) you’re using.

If there is a flydns.io problem, with the associated impact on 6pn.dev, I doubt generating new wireguard configs via flyctl will help. Unless the flyctl wireguard config generator is changed to output IPs (or alternative/working FQDNs) for the gateways.

Thank you.
For now we bypassed the problem by replacing the host with the actual endpoint IP

In this case, cdg1.gateway.6pn.dev was

This should now be resolved. We’re monitoring the situation.

Thank you, it is working again here