Wireguard Issues / Production Setup


We have setup wireguard to connect to our private services in aws, where in we have a dedicated machine in aws that acts as a peer and forwards the requests to our services.

This setup has been working fine for couple of weeks now in production, but we saw today that we are not able to connect any more to our services (within timeout limits). Though the wireguard daemon is up on the peer and I’m able to ping fly apps from the peer, but from fly when we try to connect it takes nearly 60 sec for a simple health check call which used to take 100-200 ms when everything was working fine. I’ve tried this with multiple wireguard configs as well.

We are in the Scale plan and I’ve raised a ticket couple of hours ago, no reply as of yet. Just wanted to check if anyone else is using wireguard in production and facing issues today and also what is a typical setup that would be robust against such network issues.

BTW all of our wireguard connections are based in sin region.

We had some networking issues in sinagpore about 14 hours ago - https://status.flyio.net/incidents/b1rw64bgmxjg

Are you still seeing issues?


Yes we are still seeing the issues. Just checked now again.

Hi @rajeevtectonic ! I’ll find your support ticket and follow up from there.

Hi @aschiavo

Sure, For ref this is our ticket info: [Fly.io Support Request #93191] - Unable to connect via wireguard to private network

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