Wildcard Certificate

I created a Wildcard Certificate for *.gluuie.com and it is not getting issued. I created both using the UI and as well as console and the result is the same. Normal certificates get issued immediately.

It looks like you’ve set your TXT record’s value for _acme-challenge. to the DNS validation hostname we provided.

This is means to be set as a CNAME, not a TXT record. Let’s Encrypt will follow CNAMEs and resolve the TXT record from our DNS provider.

More precisely, you need to set the following CNAME:

_acme-challenge.gluuie.com. => gluuie.com.1kxmo.flydns.net.

I have done that now and removed the txt record. But still the certificate is not getting generated. How long does it take to generate. The sub domain certificates are instantaneous.

Shouldn’t be too long now, there is a delay in detecting this change and requesting a new certificate though.

This is faster for non-wildcard hostnames because we don’t have to deal with DNS so much. Wildcard hostnames require a DNS verification.

Thanks for the help and sorry for my mistake. I should read the documentation carefully.
My issue got solved.