The certificate for * has not been issued yet.

Certificates are not issued even if we followed docs and have other instances on fly.

We tried to recreate the certificates starting from scratch but it doesn’t seem to work.

Instance **redacted**

Can you tell us which hostname this is or which app? I can’t find it with the information you’ve given me.

App: **redacted**
Hostname: **redacted**
Organization: **redacted**

Ok I thought I was looking for a wildcard hostname because the title includes * which is the symbol for wildcard certs.

This should now be fixed (manually). I’m going to deploy a change so this doesn’t happen again.

Sorry for the confusion. I was trying to make the title generic.

Thank you for you support, jerome!

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Hi I’m also encountiering some certificate issues. No matter what domain I try to install to my project it doesn’t deploy. Im trying to deploy this one right now *redacted*

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve been trying to fix this for a few days and I think I’m getting close.

Your particular case should be resolved momentarily.

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