Why isn't there a `fly vm list` command?


It’s all in the title: I need to know the id of a VM before doing fly status on it.
Is there a command I’m missing to list all my VMs?

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for v1/nomad apps, you can run fly status -a <app-name> to get the list of vms and their ids.

for a v2/machines app, you can run fly machines list -a <app-name> to get this info.`



Just to understand better, what is the difference between a v1/nomad app and a v2/machines app? Is v2 an evolution of v1? I see that my postgres DB is on a machines platform but my app is on a nomad one:

my-app           personal     	running     nomad     	18m31s ago
my-app-db        personal     	deployed 	machines

See: Difference between Apps and Machines - #4 by ignoramous

Pretty much, yes. Search around the forum for issues with multi-process v1 apps, autoscale apps, scaling in general and you’d see why…

Expected: Preview: Postgres on Machines ( Fly Apps V2 )

Everything will be v2, and v1 apps (presumably) would be migrated over to v2 as well… Fly Apps on machine prerelease

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Very clear, thanks!